Cambodian Business and Franchise Association

To ensure best practice in Franchising and working to MAXIMIZE Franchise activities in Cambodia.

The Cambodian Business and Franchise Association (CamBFA) was formed in 2019, is a non-political and not-profit association establishes to support the implementation of innovative productivity, to promote SMEs and entrepreneurship through franchising and matching Franchisor to Franchisee. The formation of CamBFA was indeed timely as to promote the development of franchising in Cambodia.

CamBFA will serve as a resource center for both current and prospective Franchisor and Franchisee, as well as for individual or investor who are interested in franchising. With the formation of CamBFA, it is hoped that the environment, which is conducive to the expansion of franchising in Cambodia, can be created. CamBFA has a unique formula of its membership composition.




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