By joining Cambodian Business and Franchise Association, members will enjoy the following benefits:

Business Networking:
We provides business networking opportunities with Cambodian business within 24 provinces and Global Corporate majors to exchange experiences, idea and find out more innovative productivity for a competitive market. It acts as a platform of relation to enhance your business growth and developing new markets trends.

Business Services – Training/ Events/Conferences/Expositions:
CamBFA, incorporated with relevant entities organizes several such business training and Business Matching events each year for retailers and Franchisors to gain knowledge of franchising and communicating with each other, which is a platform to meet their franchisees, investors and buyers.

International Liaison:
CamBFA is an excellent platform for International communication and cooperation between domestic and Overseas Retailers, Franchisors, Investors and the relevant International Associations. We have closely built relationship with International Franchise Associations and private companies, that’s the way to promote for more franchise opportunities for our members

Research & Information:
CamBFA regularly conducts Retail and Franchise Industry based research and study that are further complied and edited to form knowledge papers, white reports etc. These data and analysis have been regarded as valuable references for both Franchisor and Franchisee for decision making.

Web Services:
Web listing classifieds for a wide reach and visibility is also one of the important services that CamBFA caters to its members. This also results in business networking and to promote brand awareness among the members on the digital media services.

Trademark Protection:
We strengthen relation with Government, authorities, associations and other relevant entities/private sectors to protect Trademark for member (as Franchisor or Brand Owner) in order to avoid the copy of brand name from the second party over market in the country.

Type of Membership and Annual Fee

To register to be member of CamBFA, member has obligation to support association through their volunteer works and contribute a yearly admin fee to assist activities of association and member business development.

There are two type of CamBFA’s membership as follow:

1. Ordinary Company Membership

Referred to private, corporate and associate company or service agent officially registered with Ministry of Commerce and consist of full business structure operate in both local and international territory.

Annual Fee: $250 per year

2. Individual Membership

Refer to a person, not owning or partnering in any company but working for a private company, embassy, NGOs or startup and are interesting and looking for innovative products or business in future.

Annual Fee: $200 per year